How To Get Help Over The Summer


Identify the best ways to get help over the summer for the most likely issues. Short story, we are here all summer and the best way to get help is to submit a ticket. 

Table of Contents 

General Problems

Many of our tech positions are year round positions and we are here all summer long getting things ready for the fall. That also means we are away from our desks a lot of the time. Please submit a ticket if you need any tech related assistance. This gets as many eyes on a ticket as possible, email is just one person. 

Device Problems

If you are experiencing any issue with your school issued device we have personnel on hand to swap out the device, troubleshoot your issue, or identify the best solution. Please submit a ticket and we will be in touch shortly to figure out the best possible solution. 

Updates On… 

We are planning on a number of updates to staff and student devices. Specifically, a big change around how we support and administer iPads. If you are looking for updates on this project or any other tech related summer service, please submit a ticket. 

Assistance With…

If you think you will need help from tech to execute a task, please contact us as soon as possible. We’ve got a full boat this summer and we’d love to help but we need to know that as soon as possible. August is a busy, busy month for us. If you think you may need assistance with something this summer, please submit a ticket, we’ll get back to you to discuss our availability.