How To Disable Chromebook extensions


Identify how to disable Chromebook Extensions


Chrome extensions can interfere with many aspects of your machine. For instance, they often interfere with printing and other connected devices

  1. In your Chrome URL address bar type  “chrome://extensions/” without quotes and hit enter

  2. Disable the chrome extensions, starting with the most recently installed, and see if your performance improves or the issue you were having goes away. If so that means one or more extensions are causing the issue. 

  3. Rebooting after disabling is advisable, If you do reboot, check that all extensions are still disabled once you have logged in again. 

  4. Re-test the issue you were having. Has it been resolved?

  5. Now you can start re-enabling the extensions you think you might need. 

  6. If the problem comes back after re-enabling certain extensions, that extension is the root of the problem, and you may need to disable it until you need to use it again