Chromebook Keyboard Issues


Identify how you can reset your keyboard


Oftentimes keyboard issues are caused by the keyboard input method being changed. To see if you are on the correct input method you will want to check down in the bottom right corner next to the time. If you see “US” in bold or nothing at all you are on the correct method. If you see “INTL” or “EXTD” or something similar then you are not on the correct input method. 

To change this follow these steps.

  1. Click the Clock in the bottom right corner and click the Gear icon.

  2. At the bottom of the list on the left click the ▼ next to “Advanced”

  3. Click on “Languages and input” then the “Languages and input” button on the main page to the right.

  4. Under the “Input method” section you should see a “Manage input methods” button. Click this.

  5. Uncheck any keyboard input that is not “US Keyboard.” This should make “US Keyboard” go grey.

  6. Test keyboard