How To Troubleshoot Most Issues On A Chromebook


There are four things that you can do to troubleshoot most issue with your Chromebook, including printing. They are laid out below in order of priority. 

Table of Contents  

Verify The Network

  1. Make sure your selected wifi is HUUSD and not (HUUSD Open) or (HUUSD Legacy).
  2. This only applies if you are at school. You will not be able to connect to HUUSD from outside the school.

Check The Operating System

Are you running the most recent version of the operating system (OS)? 

  1. Click on the wifi bars > click the gear for settings > on the left side of the pane click about Chrome OS>Click check for updates. 

  2. If an update is available, restart the machine

  3. The Chromebook OS will do an update after a restart

Disable Extensions

Chrome extensions can interfere with many aspects of your machine. If you are still having difficulty printing, disabling those extensions is the next step

  1. In your Chrome URL address bar type  “chrome://extensions/” without quotes and hit enter

  2. Disable the chrome extensions, starting with the most recently installed, and see if your performance improves or the issue you were having goes away. If so that means one or more extensions are causing the issue. 

  1. Rebooting after disabling is advisable, If you do reboot, check that all extensions are still disabled once you have logged in again. 

  1. Re-test the issue you were having. Has it been resolved?

  2. Now you can start re-enabling the extensions you think you might need. 

  3. If the problem comes back after re-enabling certain extensions, that extension is the root of the problem, and you may need to disable it until you need to use it again

Delete Your Account and Sign In Again

To Delete your Account: 

  1. Log out of your Chromebook. 

  2. At the login screen, next to your name, there is a down arrow. 

  3. Click the down arrow. You should see an option to Remove Account

  4. Remove the account. 

  5. Enter your username and password and sign in again.